NJBD - Team Announcements / Age Group Championship

    - Please RSVP by this Friday February 17th for the USA Winter March Invitational on Saturday, March 4th. This is a one day swim meet. 

    - This weekend NJBD swimmers Charlie Boalch (10), Anna Tarpley (10), and Rachel Todebush (11) will be representing  the team for the 2017 Age Group Championship at Georgia Tech. 

    This is a qualifying meet and these swimmers have worked very hard throughout the season to make the times and participate in this meet. Please give them a High Five and congratulations when you see them around the pool!. 

    - We are working with WGAC on practice times for the Summer long course season. I will be sending out practice times and a meet schedule in the next week. 

    The long course season will begin on the first week of May and go through the first week of August. Please email and let me know if your swimmer would be interested. 

    See you at the pool, 
    Coach George

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